Stay Tuned For The Premiere Unit Commander Resource
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The Squadron Command forums will be a grass-roots, front-porch conversation focused on building better leaders and growing more effective Civil Air Patrol units.

There are over 1,000 units in CAP, and arguably, the squadron is where the rubber meets the road for membership & leadership. Our aim is to create a growing network of current and former successful unit commanders to engage in productive dialogues, share TTPs and help one another. originally started in 2004 with the same purpose. The technology platform at the time left a lot to be desired, and after several abortive attempts to keep it running, the site fell to dormancy in 2010.

In the end, however, with reliance on proven and mainstream Internet technologies like Wordpress, will be a much more powerful, collaborative and easy to use platform that will provide amazing new capabilities.

We’ll also rock a Facebook page to power our social media engagement and keep folks in the know about the hot conversations and content in the forum.

Look forward to our re-launch soon!

– The team