Author: Capt Shawn Stanford

Cadets Are Not Shoes!

It’s coming up on encampment time again, and that means encampment staff training, and that means that it’s almost certain that some bonehead at your staff training weekend is going to make some sort of noise about ‘breaking down’ your Cadets. When military training professionals talk about ‘breaking down’ people, what they mean is that […]

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If It Ain’t Broke, Break It!

Part of leadership is questioning the “hows” and “whys” of the things we do. In every thing I write concerning leadership, I always make an effort to clearly explain WHY something should be done a certain way as well as explaining how it should be done. Understanding what’s behind a decision is a key part […]

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Yelling Is Not Leadership.

Never mind what you learned watching “Gomer Pyle, USMC” and “Full Metal Jacket”, leadership is not about yelling at people. Yelling at your people doesn’t accomplish anything and usually does more harm than good. Inexperienced or unskilled leaders will yell at their people when their people do something wrong. They yell because they’re trying to […]

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Don’t You Ever Get Mad?

The other day, it being after Thanksgiving and all, I made a turkey frame soup. That’s where you boil the turkey carcass then pull the meat off the bones and throw it and some vegetables and noodles into the broth. You then boil it again for a little bit and it’s soup! I walked into […]

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The Cadet Who Roared

(this was originally published on In Yelling is not Leadership I tried to show that a lot of the time when your people make mistakes it’s your fault, not theirs. And when it is your fault, yelling at them won’t help – and will often hurt. I unfortunately had an opportunity to see this […]

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